Today we’ve got Jon Robberson in the Huddle. He is a Hollywood insider. He worked around the evil in Hollywood since 2000. He started in the, “Set Deck” which is setting up sets. He then worked with directors for continuity for cuts and production. He worked with Spielberg on the movie, “Catch Me if you Can.” He worked for Jerry Bruckheimer on, “Pirates of the Caribbean.” He was in it. He saw it.

Hollywood isn’t something that has evolved into an evil organization. It was created to be a Satanic influence. This doesn’t affect the rank and file workers. This affects the higher-level Hollywood workers. They are luciferian. They perform the rituals and they take part in child sacrifice, pedophilia, and witchcraft.

Everything that is on Hollywood has at least one thing in common, that human problems are only solved with humanist solutions. That is what we are taught with Hollywood and movies. Be attentive to what you are watching, and understand that you are being programmed. Use the armor of God and be ready when you do watch shows and entertainment.

Your children are being influenced by Hollywood as well. How is this done? All these kids shows, movies, and entertainment have the idea that magic is how you solve problems. Magic? There is magic, there is such a thing as casting spells. This is called Satanism, among other things. If you aren’t on God’s team, you are on the Devil’s team. Hollywood is on the Devil’s team, to the umpteenth degree. Be wise and be vigilant, resist the Devil and he will flee from you.

Remember to always Pass the Salt.

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