Robert Klous, author and former professor at Liberty University, is today’s guest host on Coach Dave Live. Look for his upcoming show “Dr. Klous Live” starting Tuesdays and Thursdays in November, at 9:00 AM (EST).

Leonard Ravenhill wrote the book “Why Revival Tarries.” He said, “I have nothing yet posses all things, the Church has all things they claim, yet they possess nothing.”

So, the question is, “How do we jump start a stalled Church?”

Robert Klous says the greatest time on earth is upon us. We’re going to see a great movement of God through God-seeking people. He led the show with that the Bible says we need for a healthy church.

Below are the important elements:

  1. Discipleship Training
  2. Prayer – Corporate and Individual
  3. One-another Ministry (70-80 times we are encouraged to exhort, rebuke, encourage)
  4. Go out and Love in Word and Deed
  5. Spiritual Warfare
  6. Holiness
  7. Laymen-driven home fellowships

When we see victories in the spiritual realm, we’ll see victory in other areas. The Bible says we can be overcomers and victorious over sin and more. Those are promises. When we become the overcoming Church, experiencing the true life of Christ, we will see more victory.

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