Today’s show is a serious discussion about fake Christianity. Walking dead men who think they are Christians. A fictionalized Jesus who embraces all kinds of sin and doesn’t care because love trumps all. Satan realized that if he couldn’t beat the Church, he’d simply join the Church. He’s “Saul Alinsky’d” the Church,

This isn’t just Intervarsity, it’s everywhere. The new gospel is that the Church wants a harmless Jesus, a Kum ba yah Jesus. The problem is: the campfire Kum ba yah ends with a scary story, and that is what will happen in real life.

Who would resist a love gospel? Jesus loves everybody all the time, right? Right now we’re being dumbed down. However, the real danger of confronting the modern-day fake gospel, is persecution.  That’s what happened in the Soviet Union. Read Gulag Archipelago, written by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Don’t be naive. It’s coming to a country near you…or maybe to your own country.

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