I Used to Think Like You | Coach Dave Live | 1-13-2020

“I often tell people that I’m with, ‘I used to think like you.’” Said Coach.  “My thinking changed when I committed my life to Jesus Christ.  Coach continued discussing upcoming ministry events.  A busy year is shaping up.

The Huddle discussed Megxit in England and cultural Marxism.  Everything is being destroyed through infiltration from within.  “This involved every aspect of our lives.” Coach observed.  “This is a battle between the traditional and the new world.”  What’s at the very root of what is going on between Harry, Meghan and the monarchy.  What is Harry rejecting?  What is he rejecting it for?

Someone in the Huddle commented, “They just want to be Americans.”  Harry wants to be self-actualized, observed Coach.  “The blood line of the crown is being poisoned.” Said Coach.  “Meghan Markle is half black.”  This is all headed toward Markle claiming that she didn’t feel comfortable in the royal family because she is black.  The charge will be racism.

Elton John is Meghan’s counselor.  He offers motherly counsel.  “Everything we see is about divide and conquer.” Said Coach.  “Nothing is sacred anymore.”  At what point do we wake up and understand our Christian tradition and live according to it once again.  “What does Christianity even mean to the average person who goes to Church on Sunday morning.” Asked Coach.

Someone in the Huddle observed that the Church is all about comfort now.  It has been subverted.  Harry wants the benefits of the crown without the responsibilities.  Harry wants to give up the crown for Hollywood.  “Is the crown going to allow that to happen?” Asked Coach.

“There’s a conflict going on between the moral and the modern world.” Coach said.  “Liberalism rejects tradition and reclassifies us by race, gender, sexual orientation etc.”  A man in the Huddle suggested that individualism is the goal.  These forces want to make us into little g gods.

Christianity has been reduced to just another god among many.

Coach offered a teaching from Galatians 5 on liberty and licentiousness.

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