If the bricks of the abortion mills were glass, what would we do? If we could actually see the abortions happening? Just like watching someone chop off the head of a sweet little kitten.
These owners of abortion mills, deathscorts, and abortion murdering doctors are doing a lot worse than killing kittens. They’re killing human babies!
Psalm 5 –What is a worker of iniquity? Someone who is proud in their sin, boastful.
God hates the proud, and those who boast in their sin.
Should we be telling deathscorts at abortion mills, that Jesus loves them? Or telling them to repent?
They are proud of their sin. They are proud to help women kill babies in their wombs.
Jesus loves
1. Those who are obedient
2. Those who are His
3. Those who love Him
When Jesus came toward the end of His ministry, He rebuked those proud of their evil sin.
And on judgment day Jesus will profess, “I never knew you. Ye who work iniquity.”

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