Immersed in Information | Coach Dave Live | 1-2-20

Awash in instant information we’ve completely lost sight of the way things really were for historical figures like the Apostles and first-generation Christians.  We can’t relate to the times that people who came before us lived in.  We’ve forgotten the way it really was for them.  We need to work to remember and appreciate them and their times.

The Huddle considered Hebrews 11.

“We try to modernize the gospel,” Coach said.  “We should work harder to really understand the context and environment of Biblical and historical figures.”  A Huddler responded, “There are too many people who’s position with God is based on who they are instead of who God is.”

“Context is everything,” claimed another Huddler.  “We must get the context right to fully understand.”

The Huddle turned to Isaiah 58.  “We should be repairing the breach and restoring the paths instead of looking for a way out of here.”

“This isn’t my dad’s country.” Said Coach.  “Those men didn’t fight and die for the right to pornography and gendering.”  We won’t fight for what’s right because we think we’re out of here.

Robert Klous shared from his devotional, “Finders Keeper:  Finders of Truth Keepers of Faith.”

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