Taking care of someone who is dying is a humbling act. Most people don’t consider death, or think about it often. It is a scary thought. We are moving into a time where death is accepted. Abortion is allowed. Euthanasia is discussed and allowed (Terry Schiavo anyone?). When a person is unable to fend for themselves, at the beginning, and end of life, why don’t we value them? Their life is important and has meaning. Why do they have to, “Love us back” for us to value them? Is that love or selfishness? Always choose life.

God doesn’t love everyone. God loves his children. This means people who have repented, turned from their wicked ways, and follow Jesus Christ as the forgiver and savior from sin. Become one of God’s children, to understand the full meaning of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made, and the understand the good news.

Sin is always progressive. It doesn’t just stop at one. It always wants two. When sin gets through in one area, it will continue to, “Progress” into the next area. If you are addicted to pornography, and you see just the top, you’ll soon want to see the whole thing, then you’ll want to see her in action. Sin is insatiable.

Keep on Passing the Salt.

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