Weak Christian men won’t stand up against any opposition. Christian men! That’s how we got into the mess we’re in. Instead, Christians are being taught to bow down and obey government authorities according to Romans 13, while enemies of God are turning the world upside down in the streets. Are we to obey the likes of those who have legalized murder of unborn babies?! Those who legalize sodomy?! Those who demand unimaginable evil be taught to kindergarteners in taxpayer-funded schools?!

Or are we to interpose? Are we to rescue the weakest most innocent neighbors?  The timeless eternal laws are to love God first, and love our neighbor after that. Our neighbors are the little babies in the womb, being sliced, diced and put up for sale! Who will stand in the gap for them?

Come on, Men! Dare to stand.

Pass the Salt!

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