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Intimacy – Words have meaning. The culture is changing the meaning of words like “intimacy.”

Men want to be intimacy with other men. That’s why they like football, they go fishing, hunting, and even become firemen.

As a coach, I can testify that there ain’t no homos in a football locker room. The players understand intimacy. There ain’t no sex involved. But they hug and cry on each other’s shoulders. That is intimacy. Men wanting to bond with other men, with a common goal; fighting to win.

In the Last Supper, we see the disciple reclining on Jesus’ chest. That is intimacy. We see firemen, football teams, and some parts of the military who still understand intimacy without sex. But the world is forcing women and sex into these places, undermining innocent intimacy.

Women and girls also want healthy intimacy. If girls don’t have the right kind of intimacy at home with their moms and sisters, they can be corrupted in this world of lesbianism; thinking that sex is intimacy.

I go to churches where there is no intimacy in the room. The pancake breakfasts aren’t doing it. I am more intimate with the guys in the queue than anyone else in the world besides my wife and family.

Pastors are afraid, ignorant and cowardly. Pastors don’t want to upset the apple cart. God bless the pastors who have people like David Arthur come speak. His presentation yesterday, at a local church in Ohio, was powerful. His message needs to be heard. When he closed out his first presentation, he spoke about intimacy. Men are born with a natural desire to be intimate, not sexual, with other brothers.

Ruth Gader Ginsburg

Ruth Gader Ginsburg in her book, outlines many, many evil ideas that she has been pushing on the American people through her votes on the Supreme Court. She could not have come up with these things on her own.

On a football team, every team member has a gift and a calling for their specific role on the team. The Body of Christ is the same. We all have specific gifts and callings. We each need to be walking in our specific gifts.

How blessed it is for brothers to dwell together in unity, says God’s Word.

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