The left is calling for violence. Who are they going to do violence on? That’s right, the Church, Christians, God’s people. The God-Haters despise everything good and righteous in the world. Titus tells us very clearly that those who do the works of the Devil, should be stopped, not hugged.

Homos cannot be separated from Pedophilia. One leads directly into the other. Homos cannot reproduce, so they recruit. How do they recruit? By roping in little boys to their lifestyle. As Milo Yiannapoulos so recently told us. Someone has to teach them to be homos, someone older has to show them the ropes. Disgusting.

There is no middle ground in this fight. There is no, “Equality” between righteousness and evil. Christians are not, “equal” to homos. Monogamous, Christian Marriage is not equal to Homosex or homo marriage, it is far superior. How do we know this? Homosex creates no fruit. There is no fruit and it isn’t possible to have fruit.

Stop believing the lies of equality that neuter you from taking a stand. God’s will be done. Pass the Salt.

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