Coach’s birthday is today!

We’re going back to Panama City, FL on December 9th. Let me know if you’d like to go.  Thank God for Jim Craft, helping organize the work we do in Florida, to benefit the Hurricane Michael victims.

Psalm 136 says, ‘O give thanks unto the Lord, His mercy endureth forever.” Mercy infers benevolence, mildness or tenderness of heart. Mercy overlook wrongs with pity or compassion. We think of mercy as getting less punishment than we deserve.

Hesed is a Hebrew word, means dependability or loyalty. This is the kind of merciful love that people committed to the God of the Bible should have for one another. It is not a “mood.” It is not something people “feel” but something people DO for other people who have no claim on them. The book of Ruth is full of this kind of love and mercy.  God, because of His covenant with us, has this kind of loyal love toward us. He does what is is in our best interest. We are to love like that.

Lowell Morrison is on the show, today. He is here to make us aware of how we can communicate on shortwave Ham Radio. Whoever controls the information and communication, controls the world. He gives an overview of Ham Radio, how to get licensed, the equipment needed, and how to order a study manual online.  Click on the links for this show, to learn more.

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