Today’s show comes to us from Iowa. Yesterday, the Huddle group went to the Polk County Court House to demonstrate for life. We knew our rights. We stood our ground. And we told the truth. We have a cause. We have a purpose. And we have confidence.

We are representing the voiceless unborn babies.

Do not be intimidated by those who don’t know the truth. Stand for the cause with purpose and confidence.

The Early Church demonstrated. The religious people of the day had hijacked the temple. They had taken over where the women and outside people could worship. The early Christians said this is not right. They confronted the religious leaders of the day. Even after they were let out of jail, they went right back at it.

This is where you draw the line. The civil authority said, “You have to obey us.”

The disciples said, “We have to obey God, first.”

They only have the power over us, that we give them.

They are banking on us walking away.

Somebody has to say, “It may be alright with you, Judge, but it ain’t alright with us.”

Today’s show also features Mark Trump talking about DNA research and how our food is  being genetically altered, using plasma devices. We need to be informed on what’s going on. Do the research. Find original documentation, and beware of what you eat.

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