We look at the decision Trump just made to bomb Syria and wonder, “What is going on?”. Well, one definite answer is that Trump has no Holy Spirit guided advice around him. Jared Kushner, who is his number 1 advisor, is a Jew and is married to Ivanka Trump. Well, he has an agenda, as we can see, and it isn’t, “America First”. Looks a lot like, “State of Israel first.”

The question is, “What is Israel?”. Well, we know this, Jews are not Christians. Jews do not have the holy spirit. That is fact, not, “Anti-semitism”. We look through the Bible and conclude that Israel is the people of God who accept Jesus Christ as their savior. The modern Israel we hear about is a fabrication from 1948, probably designed to destabilize the whole region of the middle east.

So, let’s get off this high horse as Christians saying, “We need to protect Israel!!!!!!”. Modern Israel is just another state that was designed for nefarious purposes. It has nothing to do with Jesus Christ or God. It is another lie spun by the Devil to trap Christians.

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