It is so Easy to Win | Coach Dave Live | 1-16-2020

Does Jeremiah 1:5 apply to every Christian?  Or was it just about Jeremiah.

The Huddle discussed yesterday’s hearing in Charlotte, North Carolina regarding Alan Hoyle’s Christian witness at a gay parade.  The Church doesn’t care.  But every time we show up God shows off.  Almighty God can only bless action.  God needs something to work with.

God honors action.  Alan’s charges were dismissed.

Nothing really matters to me is a line from a popular song.  Coach talked about how nothing really matters to anyone anymore.  He tied this to the fact that nobody can get outraged about anything anymore.  A Huddler pointed out that we’re being pulled into the battle whether we like it or not.  The battle for Justice is on in the streets.

The Huddle discussed Psalms 94.  Christians must confront the workers of iniquity.  The courts make sin legal.  The court is a wicked environment.  Wicked moneychangers.

There is no Justice in the American judicial system anymore.  The fruit of righteousness is Justice.  We have no Justice because have no God.

Robert Klous shared from his devotional “Finders Keepers.”

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