Description: Today’s featured guest is Jamie Walden of Omega Dynamics.  Jamie will be in Central Ohio speaking on November 16th at an upcoming boot camp for men in St. Louisville.

After viewing a new video by Mark Harrington of Created Equal entitled “Abortion:  A Doctrine of Demons” Coach introduced Jamie.  He talked about building a warrior class of Christians.  Walden is a United States Marine door kicking infantryman.  He is, first and foremost, a Christian. Jamie teaches on the Fear of God indicating that God, “is always looking for those on whom He can count.”  He claims that the bulk of his support comes from women 55 years old and older.  They are warriors for Jesus who are looking for a few good men to join them.

Calling on men and women of Christ to be in Ohio in November 16th for a boot camp weekend.  Join us!
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