I’ve been trying to lose weight.Yesterday, I made a conscious decision to give in to temptation and eat a piece of cheesecake.

I could have overcome that, but chose not to overcome the temptation. There was a way to escape, but I didn’t choose it.

Let’s say you’re a whoremonger. What if you’re born with the propensity to have sex with anything that walks. You can overcome that, but not without the power of the Holy Spirit.

When you are not born again, the natural man is in control.  Everything you do in life is a choice. If all sin becomes a choice, we have the ability to NOT sin.

Are we a natural man controlled by natural urges? Or are you a spiritual man controlled by your spirit?

When you become a Christian, you are “born again.” Born from on high. The Spirit of Christ now lives within us, by the grace of God, because of Jesus’ sacrifice for us.

1 John 3:3 says, “every man that hath this hope, PURIFIETH HIMSELF.”

He cleans himself up. BECAUSE Christ is pure and He ain’t hanging around no slum.

Whatever you feed grows. Whatever you starve, dies.

We have been freed from sin. Not only did Jesus free us from sin, He covered our sins.

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