Coach begins the episode by going into the never Trump crowd. They still are filled with vitriol. They are filled with pride and piety. They feel they are more righteous than everyone else. The Never Trumpers are so prideful they can’t say these five words, “I’m sorry, I was wrong.”

Jesus is not an American. Jesus is also not a conservative. He is King of King and Lord of Lords. Your perspective on who God is makes all the difference in the world.

“You Win with People” is the title of a book by Woody Hayes. He says that the people you surround yourself with can make or break a football team. The same is true of life. The people you surround yourself with can make your operation successful or not.

Coach reads a fictional letter from David Rockefeller to Donald Trump. The letter speaks about how Trump will either go all in or he will be forced to compromise with the global system. It is a great analysis of what could happen in the coming years.

The media still has serious control over our thoughts. We must stay vigilant and seek Truth, not have our minds melted by modern media.