Jezebel women are emasculating the men. Women are destroying men in many ways, including with their words. But men are expected not to fight back. A woman can lash a man with her evil tongue, but the man is expected not to fight back with physical strength.

We just have to realize there’s a partnership, but the Lord holds the man accountable in a family. He is to lead the family. Why do we allow this lie of women and men being equal in everything, to be perpetuated?  There’s a delusion over us, today. We are believing lies about the roles of men and women in the family and society.

All men (including women) are created equal in the eyes of God. But equality doesn’t give you the right to be something you are not equal to. Affirmative action doesn’t give you the right to right something that wasn’t wrong. In sports, in the military and in marriage there are different roles for men and women to play. God designed it that way.

You can’t make women stronger by lowering the standard of men. This spirit of Jezebel is about the destruction of men.

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