November 22, 1963 is the day America died. That is the day JFK was killed for trying to do the right thing, and the Deep State became what it is today. We were turned over to deception, lies, and deceit from our federal government, and it was ok. We need to repent folks.

The only thing that can restrain evil is the Holy Spirit. The ONLY thing is the Holy Spirit. This is the eternal struggle we are seeing before us. It is the fight between the Holy Spirit and those who don’t have it. There are Christians in office who don’t have the Holy Spirit in them. They cannot restrain their evil. They cannot act with wisdom and discernment. They cannot do the right thing.

Judge Moore has the Holy Spirit. Judge Moore is a Godly man, not only a Christian in name. He listens to God and fights AGAINST evil.

The Jezebel spirit in America is so strong. The destruction of manhood is happening all around us. We are seeing it in the MSM. ANYthing against a woman is wrong. ANYTHING to put down a woman is wrong. ANYTHING that disrespects a woman is wrong. What? The fact she’s a woman doesn’t matter, it’s whether or not the thing is wrong.

Man was created in the image of God, and Jezebel wants to exalt herself above man.

The Left’s whole purpose with this sex/feminism fight is that they want Donald Trump. They want him more than anything, and they are using our weakness towards the opposite sex to do it. They are going to accuse him of everything sexual, again, and try to impeach him.

Wake up America, and remember, Pass the Salt.

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