The spirit of Jezebel is a spirit of adultery, a spirit of baby-killing, a spirit of idolatry, a spirit of witchcraft. Jezebels are men-haters. There are more witches in America today, than Presbyterians.

Read about the Jehu spirit. He drives recklessly, but he did a lot of good, too. I see this parallel character in our present day, President Trump.

Jezebel rises up against strong men. Jezebel spirit comes against strong men like President Trump.

 We’re talking about demonic spirits, principalities and powers. Jezebel tries to seduce Jehu, but who ends up throwing Jezebel down out of the window? The males who are castrated, at the demand of Jehu, the strong male leader.

Public schools and Planned Parenthood are run by this Jezebel spirit. Even the churches, today, are run by women, for the most part.

We need to stand up with a masculine prophetic voice, for the sake of God’s order, and for the good of women and children.

Pass the Salt!

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