Judge Roy Moore Won! There is at least one Christian in government office. Understand this, God allowed Judge Moore to win against the wishes of Trump, against the wishes of the entire political class, and against the wishes of the swamp. God is doing something and we have to start paying attention.

Get with the program people, there is a deeper game going on here. There is a war on, we have been told there isn’t, they lied. There is a war between the swamp and American Normals. There is a war between Christianity and Satan. It’s bigger than whether Trump swore or not. Don’t you get it?

The Left hates you. They hate everything American Normals stand for. They want to be justified in their satanic insanity, and if you don’t allow it, they want you dead. Their insanity will not go on forever, as long as men stand up and DO SOMETHING about it.

Trump is an example of what the people want. The people want to be NORMAL. The people want to be FREE. The people want to be PROUD OF THEIR NATION. The people want the swamp to be drained, and God Almighty to be great again in America.

Hey! Pass the Salt!

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