Christ changes you. You truly become a new man. Those old things, habits, addictions, become something from the past. In the pursuit of Christ, you change and value the things God values, not the things man values. He is light and life and freedom.

Repentance doesn’t cancel out physical punishment. You can sincerely repent of something, but there is still punishment for that. If you murder someone, you can sincerely repent of that, and be forgiven, then be hung for your crime. Wake up people, there is something called Justice, and Justice is a GOOD thing and a GOD thing.

The attack in America is on white Anglo-Saxon males. It is so blatant. It is so obvious. The only people who AREN’T talking about it are… White Anglo-Saxon males. WAKE UP. The battle is real, and we need to wake up to how we are being programmed to kill ourselves.

Wake up America, get your head screwed on straight and start asking the real questions to find out the truth.

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