The modern church is turning men into roadkill. They are powering through their feminine love-fest and it destroys men. There is nothing in modern Christianity to stimulate men. The only option is for the men to turn into women. This is wrong.

We don’t have to sin. You are sanctified through Faith and justified through God’s grace. This is powerful. In Romans, it goes into depth into how this process works. You do not have to sin. Let me repeat that. You do not have to sin. It says it in Romans.

We are told in Church that we all sin and will always sin, when the Bible says that isn’t the case. Understand that when Jesus Christ enters you, the old man is dead. The old way is dead. It’s not you anymore. You aren’t of the flesh anymore. The battle enters the mind and you choose when to sin or not.

You don’t have to sin. Hey, Pass the Salt.

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