Trump is a battering ram, but he cannot fix all the problems we have. It is a false security, if people think he’s going to fix everything.

There will be a reset of the economy. Currencies in other countries are changing from the petro dollar. We have no gold standard, so what will be the currency when the dollar fails?

Silver’s never been cheaper, but it may go up in value when this current financial system fails. We need to be preparing for the worst. Silver is a holder of value.  All of our dollars are artificially produced right now. Think about investing in tangible things. Silver and gold coins.

An ounce of silver will always buy a gallon of gas. Silver is not more valuable, but the dollar can become less valuable. It will take more dollars to buy the silver.

We had the housing crisis in 2008 and our house lost $40,000 in value. When the housing or stock market bubble breaks, people are going to need tangible assets. Silver is a value holder. Go to local coin stores and get yourself a silver coin.

James 5:1 – Silver and gold are temporary.

Caesarea and Philipi – historic meanings of Petro = from a rock, devils flowed out from underneath the rock, and Petras = oil.

I’m not an expert, but it makes sense to have some gold and silver coins.

Right now, the Fed is in control of the money. Someone once said, “Give me control of the money, and I care not who is in charge of the politics.”

The bad guys want war and a collapse of America as we know it. To be restored, our country will need some type of reset with a lot of pain.

Think of all the people in the federal government who produce absolutely nothing. When the money shuts off from the government, have you any idea of the horror to be unleashed?

The greatest idol we have created is our prosperity. To me, these things all line up. Silver and gold will be worth something. Have guns and ammo to protect your family, food, and gold/silver.

We don’t know exactly how it’s going to come down, but when inflation goes sky high, it will be very bad. Look around at countries who do not have their lamps trimmed. It’s important to take possession of what you can hold. If you can’t hold it, you don’t have it. Don’t put it in the bank, but find a secure place away from your house. Save your shipping charges and buy junk silver, locally.

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