Preparedness is a good idea. Biblically, we know bad things can and will happen. This is through the stories of the old testament, and it is spoken about in Revelation. Whether we are getting raptured out of here doesn’t really matter, you’ll either get raptured or not. May as well be prepared in any case.

Prepping and being prepared is most importantly about the mindset. It’s not just about what stuff you have, it’s about how you view life. You need to start thinking about the future and how things might go wrong, and how you can prepare for it. Then, the key, DO IT. Go out and get some of the things you might need. Every additional item is one little piece… Of mind.

There is a priority to how you prep. Start with what you can use while walking. Then move on to what you would need for using a vehicle to live. LASTLY, you prep your house. If everything goes to crap, you’ll be walking. If it’s not so bad, you might be able to drive somewhere. If it’s the best scenario of all, you’ll stay in your home. That’s the order of priority.

The elements you need to survive are: knife, fire, and water. Those are the most important items for survival.

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