Coach is broadcasting live from his hotel room in Indianapolis.  Be sure to tune in on Monday.  Antifa is launching a campaign against America this weekend.  Satan is amping up his attack.  Coach highlights the exposure of evil in and by the Left in the West.  The scripture says there is nothing hidden that won’t be revealed.  Kevin Spacey is being exposed as part of a huge pedophile ring.  Everyone on the Left knew it.  We knew it.  The response of American normals to all of this is … Duh.

7:05 – What happened in Las Vegas?  Why has that story disappeared from the media?

7:06 – The total distrust in our society is dangerous.  JR comments on the danger of anarchy.  The lack of structure in the family is leaking into society.  We must not all become anarchists.  Coach asks, “Who can you trust in government and the church?”  “Can you trust your pastor?”  Because lawlessness will abound the love of many will grow cold.  Why isn’t Hillary Clinton in jail?

7:08 – Donna Brazille is stirring up more distrust on the Left.  Roger comments that things are going to get much worse.  People could give up on trusting authority completely.

7:10 – Temptation is big part of the problem for men in high office.  We can’t imagine the deepness and darkness of the evil that is part of “working” at that level of things in our society.  Coach asks if he even he would be capable of resisting the sort of temptations that face men in high office.

7:12 – Google is creating “experts” in areas that they know nothing about.  This is happening whenever a leader make a point.  Satan jumps on the argument with a whole bunch of attacks.  Soros and his cronies are the ones creating the temptation.

7:15 – What are you capable of if you knew you weren’t going to get caught?  The separation of church and state is a problem.  Christians don’t hold politician’s accountable.  There is no such a thing as the separation of church and state.  Where are the men of God?  Where are the Christians who will stand up and fight.  Why won’t Christians get involved in government?

7:17 – Why doesn’t the local church have a committee to hold the politicians accountable.  Actually, a listener commented, the pastors are the ones that should be going to the politicians.

7:19 – Romans 13:1 Who is the higher power?  God doesn’t put authorities in power who hate Him.  Verse two says that men in high office who ignore God’s commandments invite damnation.  We’re not supposed to be afraid of the government, we’re supposed to be afraid of God.  Paul wrote most the New Testament from jail.  He was in jail because he interposed against unrighteous rulers.

7:24 – John the Baptist and Peter are also examples of Christian courage.  Kingdoms are about to topple.  The reason kingdoms aren’t toppling because Christians aren’t toppling them.

7:26 – Juanita Byman tears it up in a sermon that Coach posted on his Facebook pages.  Coach comments about how inane the comments are on his page.

7:31 – Ben Shapiro video.

7:39 – Discussion about the Shapiro video.

7:40 – Larry brings up the fact that the Left is so unified.  He suggests that the Masons are behind it.

7:43 – Roger makes the point that black fathers have abandoned the home.  Fatherlessness is a big contributor to the crisis.

7:46 – JR defends and defines the Natural Family.  We must get back to the basics of the family.  We must establish the concept of the family.  JR points out that many Americans have experienced the brokenness of the family structure.

7:48 – Discussion about the relationship between the concept of fatherhood and the other sources of authority in our culture.  Larry points out that the television program “Modern Family” needs to be boycotted.  Larry points out that people need to become active for change to happen.

7:52 – Men need to take responsibility.

7:55 – Big Rich talks about cleaning house.  Men need to step up and clean the moral house.

Coach was not able to rejoin the show at the half way mark.  He is leading Christians to the streets in Indianapolis to stop abortion.

The show concludes with Big Rich highlighting the need to get rid of stuff that isn’t going to help going forward.  He makes the observation based on his recent work in Texas cleaning up after the hurricane.

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