Today is the 688th huddle. What a great legacy I am leaving for my grandchildren.I encourage you to get your thoughts on video for the legacy of your families. Last Days Warrior Conference. Check it out.

Jim Craft is in Florida. Contact us if you want to help. Email Crews will be going in through November 15th.

Gosnell movie is now being shown. What do we think abortion is? Medical procedure. Blob of tissue. Girl in trouble.

What is the argument for abortion? Roe V. Wade says theĀ  penumbra of the US Constitution contains the right to abort, so abortion must be okay. Women have the right to kill their own babies, because it is in their body. People are persuaded by the emotions of the woman who is impregnated inconveniently.

The argument against abortion include the fact that the baby has its own DNA. It is a separate body. It is not part of the woman. These are scientific facts.

Why can’t we win this? This should be easy. It is emotion vs. facts that are on our side of the argument. The Church refuses to stand up for the unborn baby. They don’t care.

A woman’s right to choose should never supersede an innocent child’s right to live. The Trump administration just came out and said that the fetus is a child in the mother’s womb.

The written Word without the Holy Spirit conviction, is just black letters on white paper to the lost.

How are we to live? What if we simply lived by Titus 2? Simple truths of the Bible.

Welfare is coveting. When people lay down their lives for a nation, how dare we give that away to leeches who want to sneak into our country illegally. People who just want to steal what is ours! Back in 1917 illegals tried to cross our border, and the military met them with bullets. This has happened before. Borders are God’s idea.

How did nationalism become a dirty word? The Jews are their own nation, and yet we don’t criticize them for protecting their borders. What’s happened to common sense?

Rise up, oh men of God!

Pass the Salt!

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