Christ’s church is an occupying force. That means we take ground and hold it. We occupy the world until Christ comes back. That doesn’t mean we let everyone do whatever they want. What did the Church used to have? Christ’s Church took care of the poor and needy, they took care of family problems, they took care of emotional problems, they handled the education of God’s children. Now who does these things? That’s right, government, psychologists, and public “schools”.

We have been provided only two choices, like small children, and have bought into the lie. Republican or Democrat. Conservative or Liberal. Why not both? Why not the best of both? Each thing is not inherently right or wrong, they are simply methods of action, but whether they are doing Godly things or not.

Leftism is different. Leftism seeks to destroy all things Godly. Leftists are anti-Christ. They only want to destroy the works of God, whereas Christ came to destroy the works of the Devil. This is the battle being fought.

God’s people must take back ground and become the Church He founded. Occupy, BE the Church, and stop being weak. Get up, get out, and be a Christian.

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