Living in Perilous Times | Coach Dave Live | 12-26-19

Coach asked folks to pray for Charity, daughter to Rusty Thomas of Operation Save America.  She is dying.

The Huddle turned to Psalm 91.

“What makes something right or something wrong?” Coach asked.  “Does a majority’s opinion make something right or wrong?”  How do we determine the difference between YOUR truth and THE TRUTH?

Trump recently suggested that a dead congressman might be in hell.  Coach wondered aloud why the media spun that up to such a high degree.  “We think everyone goes to heaven.” He commented.  Coach went on to talk about Christmas and Easter, the West’s two biggest holidays.  These holidays have been taken over by the American economy.

Coach shared his News with Views column, “The Manger is Empty.”  See the link below.  “Christmas has become an emotional holiday.” Observed Coach.  “Many of the people who go to church on Christmas are cultural Christians.  They aren’t Christians.”

These holidays are not Christian.  They are American.  The two big holidays of Easter and Christmas are economic, not Christian.  Jesus Christ is alive and sitting on His throne.  He isn’t either a baby in a manger or dying on a cross.  He is resurrected and very much alive.

All the angels in the Bible are masculine.  They aren’t females.  Angels are men because men protect those they love.  This is an example of the feminization of all of Christianity.

We must turn our back on the theology of defeat.  God’s kingdom is expanding.  Stop sissifying Christmas.

The devil is a defeated foe.  But he’s still fighting, because the game isn’t over.  “We know about the historical Jesus, not the Biblical Jesus.” Said Flip Benham.

Robert Klous read from his devotional, “Finders Keepers:  Finders of Truth, Keepers of Faith.”

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