The failure of the church in the lives of men is tremendous. Broken lives supposedly get fixed at the Church. But the Church isn’t designed to fix men.

Get on your computer and see if there’s a ministry to your men, in your town. If there is, it’s come eat some eggs and bacon, hear some whiny dude speak. We have not trained our brothers to fight the fight of faith.

If we cannot open our eyes and see one of the goals of the enemy is to destroy the man, the head of the family, we’re not getting it.

The same spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you. Fellas, if this doesn’t become more than just a show, if it doesn’t become a relationship, we’re no better than the church.

We need to have fellowship with each other. People are distant. They put up a wall because they don’t want to be hurt.  A lot of walls. We have to become a brotherhood to help one another; coming together to support each other.

Let’s lay down our swords together and pick up our crosses together.

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