Where are the pastors? While gender, bender, fender, wender ideas are promoted in towns and cities across the country, the pastor dogs sleep. They’re just all about taking care of their flocks behind closed doors. They are inward, not outward. They have no vision for our Christian culture.

We have the most pathetic Christian leadership in the history of Christianity. If you are a pastor and you have never taken your congregation to the abortion clinic, you’ve got no business calling yourself a pastor.

Babies are dying. You’re worried about people being offended. You won’t have any backs to rub, if you go to the abortion clinics. Well, they’re killing the next generation of parishioners at the abortion mills. Isn’t that worth fighting against?

In and out. He leadeth them OUT. The shepherd goes before them, leading them. They follow him because they trust him.

Jesus said, “I am the door. If you come in the way I tell you, you’re going to go in and go out.”

Do you grow grass inside your church? NO! The grass grows on the outside. The thief tries to climb in some other way, than through Jesus, the door; he comes to steal, kill and destroy.

Jesus gave up His life for the sheep.

The HIRELING isn’t really a shepherd. The theif sees the wolf coming. What does he do? He takes off and lets the wolf eat up the sheep.

The hireling is afraid to confront sin in the culture.

The pastor doesn’t care about the kids in school getting eaten up by the homosexuals.

Are we willing to lay down our lives for the brethren?  A real pastor will do that. But a hireling doesn’t care.

Pass the Salt!

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