Louisville Slugging for Jesus | Coach Dave Live | Monday December 2 2019

Coach opened the show asking, “Who planted the gospel in you?”  Many different people planted gospel seeds in his life.  Then, there is an appointed time for us to decide.

Coach doesn’t use the word hell much when he is planting gospel seeds.  Most Americans don’t believe in hell.  “I don’t lead with hell.”  Said Coach.

Fourteen babies died on Saturday in Louisville Kentucky.  Fifty-four died during the week.  Coach joined Bobby Lee there on the annual anniversary of the arrest of many stalwart pro-life warriors a few years ago on that day.

It’s easy to be obedient when there is no cost.  But Christian obedience is about dying to self.  Men of God will not obey.  That is why there are so few Christians working to stop the abortions as they happen at the Louisville clinic.

We are called to plant seeds.  It’s not our job to get the person to make the decision for Jesus.  We won’t stand up and do the right thing.  We justify murdering babies and Christian men won’t do anything about it.  They tortured Jesus.  “You stand up for the truth and you’re going to get your butt kicked.”  Said Coach.

JK Dobbins, a great professional football player, is here because his mother refused counsel to abort him.  She was 18 years old when she bore him.  He is now one of American football’s greatest running backs.

All arguments in favor of abortion are lies.

Chick-Fil-A is giving thousands of dollars to evil forces in American society.  Coach details the horror.

“Chick-Fil-A IS Christian America.” Said Coach.  Someone in the huddle commented, “There’s a new item on the Chick-Fil-A menu.  It is Laodicean chicken served lukewarm with a puke bag.”

Robert Klous read from his devotional, “Finders, Keepers:  Finders of Truth, Keepers of Faith.”

Coach put the following question on his Facebook page, “Taking a poll for a friend.  Which is more common in the media … anti Jewish Bigotry or anti Christian bigotry.”

Strong voiced Christian males are the most hated people in America … talk about bigotry.  They are the most persecuted group in America.  “It just hasn’t led to death, yet.” Said Coach.

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