The body of Christ or the bride of Christ? In the Bible the Church is called the body of Christ 22 times. Do you know how many times it calls the Church the bride of Christ? None. Not once. Nowhere in the Bible is the Church referred to as the bride of Christ.

Why is this important? Well, it changes how someone interprets many parts of the gospel. It changes how Revelation is read. It changes how sections of the New Testament speak about the body of Christ and what it is.

God doesn’t love everyone. Jesus doesn’t love everyone. There are things that God hates, as the Bible clearly says. We are to hate that which God hates. We aren’t to love what God hates. Where in the Bible does it say, “Love the things that God hates”? It doesn’t, that’s right.

We are being walked all over because we love evil more than we love God. It is disgusting and wrong.

Remember, Pass the Salt.

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