Coach starts out by talking about evolution. Evolution is the number one problem Christians need to fight. If evolution is true, what is the point of the Bible? In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth. If this isn’t true, the Bible isn’t true. Evolution is a lie.

The bulk of the show Coach talks on feminism. Feminism is evil and wrong. Are men supposed to rule over women? Yes. When you revert the roles of men and women then you get what we have, an emotionally run backwards society. The roles are backwards, so society will be backwards.

Lastly Coach speaks on the Truth. The truth needs to be spoken, it doesn’t matter whether people like it or not. In 1 Kings Elijah, didn’t question his, “Tone and Style”. He went out, told the Truth, told the leaders what God intended and what to do to follow God. Speak the Truth, that IS love.

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