The Salt and Light Brigade is in Texas practicing MANLY Mercy. That is, mercy that isn’t contingent on everyone feeling happy without doing anything, but mercy that DOES something. We have fixed four houses in Texas, four people have seen AND felt the glory of God, through his workers on the ground. We didn’t go just to preach the gospel. We went to serve and help those in need, and gave all the glory to God. We are DOING and GIVING the glory to God.

Lives were changed at the abortion clinic in Wisconsin. Our bootcamp took people to the streets for the first time, and they will never be the same. Their faith is ALIVE in them. They are being TRANSFORMED not conformed to a religious system. They are transforming into the creation God wants them to be.

Transform, starting ACTING like a Christian, get off the pew and DO the work of the ministry.

Don’t forget to Pass the Salt!

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