Today’s show features guest, Mark Sutherland. He says, “Passivity is not an option. Engage. Put your armor on. Spiritually and politically.

WE need to educate ourselves. Engage. Speak to people. Communicate with people. Pray. What does God want us to be? Don’t sit back and say, “I’ve got my bus ticket to heaven. I’m all set. Never mind all those people going to hell in a hand basket.”

Press on. Get the truth out there. Push back. That’s in our DNA.

My understanding is that there was only 3% that pushed back against the British King in Revolutionary times. And we won! Where is that 3% now? Are we glued to our television sets? Our phone screens? Our computers? Are we lulled to sleep? There are people willing to lead. Follow them. Speak to the choir, so they can start new choirs!”

Contact Mark Sutherland. Go to “Between Lambs and Lions.”

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