Governor Dan Fisher is running in the Oklahoma Gubernatorial campaign. He is running against the standard, “Pro-Life” Republicans. Listen folks, the words have been changed on us so much it makes our heads spin. Pro-Life doesn’t even mean pro-life anymore (At least when a politician says it). Dan Fisher is an Abortion Abolitionist, he’s not just a pro-lifer. He is going to abolition abortion in Oklahoma when he’s elected.

America is desperately in need of men like Dan Fisher, who are willing to confront the forces of our wicked federal government and say, “No”. Governor Dan is doing it. He is DOING it. He’s standing between the lives of the unborn and those that wish to kill them. He is interceding and using GOD’S laws as the standard of his life and his governmental positions.

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Get educated and get involved. This is an opportunity to do God’s work for your country.

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