1. Update on huddle in Oskaloosa, Iowa last night. Over 100 people came to hear and share the truth. It was powerful!
  2.   David Arthur is going to share his story in Columbus, OH this morning, at a local high school. He’ll be giving out his autobiography to the students who attend the classes he’s speaking in. Pray for David.
  3.    Do me a favor and let me know if you can list one group of Americans that is more profiled than men?  If you were to take your cues from the Senate hearings, and make no mistake they are programming you to think a specific way, ALL men are sexual predators.  ALL women are honest and would never lie.  All women are victims.  All men are guilty until they prove their innocence. The freakin’ men better stand up and start fighting. Women run the home, they run the schools, the run the church, and they run the government. But most importantly, they run the bedroom. Rare is the woman who has made it to the top who has not used her sexuality to her advantage. Sexual profiling is making men fearful and weak. Grow a pair, Pal. Stand up and push back. The only reason we aren’t winning, is because we aren’t playing. Men, get in the game!

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