Christian men are ashamed. They are ashamed because they know they should be doing something, and they aren’t. They are being lied to by the culture about their purpose, and it is killing them inside. It’s not that you lack courage, it’s that you’ve never used it for Christ.

In your work, you face fears and have courage, because your family is counting on you to provide. You MUST do it. Guess what, the Kingdom of God isn’t any different. Once you are a Christian. You must act, because saving babies, helping the innocent, that is what Christians do. We go to where the need is most, and either fight the evil or show mercy on the downtrodden.

It takes courage to confront evil, and fear is a liar. Fear always seems bigger than it is. Once you take that courageous step forward, it’s not so bad. SO, get up and have courage. Be as bold as a lion. Be a man and do the right thing. Don’t talk about it, DO it.

And remember to always Pass the Salt.

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