Today’s show comes to you from Panama City, Florida. Spent the whole week helping clean up lots of property down here. Thirty-two projects equaling $160,000 worth of work. Skid steers and all the equipment brought down here, has made this trip really fun. We got so much work done just having this extra equipment on the ground.  Thanks to the men who sacrifically brought their tractors and equipment down here. They said they’d come. And they did it. They kept their word. Integrity demands keeping your word.

If you say you’re going to do something, do it. Keep your word. Have integrity. Let your yea be yea, and your nay be nay. Matthew 5:37

When I take my Cross hat off, do I still have the Cross on my forehead. In my actions?

The Emergency Act. The US Senate just voted, overwhelmingly, to let all illegal immigrants under 16 years old stay here, no matter what. No deportation at all, ever. This guarantees the soon disappearance of the United States. The Republicans have the power to block these things, but they are not doing it. If Trump signs this bill, he’s sold us out, too.

This now means we are 22 trillion dollars in debt. We are actually in the hundreds of trillions of dollars in debt. Our enemies will possess us at the gates. The enemies are now overrunning the gates. It’s a political plan to cause chaos, anarchy, then Martial Law. Then, the US Constitution then will be eliminated. If they want to Constitution to be disabled, purposefully, this is happening with the chaos created through Socialism. This may be how God is having us

The judicial, executive and legislative branches are all selling us out.

What’s the point in having a wall, if it’s going to be used against us? The President doesn’t have to sign an emergency bill to get the wall built. The Congress has already appropriated over 1 billion dollars a year, to build the wall.

We’re gonna find out what Trump is all about in this. This whole battle we’ve been fighting, we’ve been fighting has been with the assumption that the Republicans are on our side. But they’re not on our side.

The problem isn’t them, the problem is us. We aren’t holding their feet to the fire.

Dale: Flood insurance adjustment. Say there was a compromise in the integrity of the roof, that damaged the roof. Sometimes the Church looks like the church to the naked eye, but the integrity of the church has been lost, behind the scenes. The tar from one shingle to the next is the protection of the roof. But when one tab seal is compromised, and lifts off the roof, it affects the next shingle.

In Christ, you cannot have one shingle lift, without the others noticing. When we are in true fellowship with each other, we are aware of the weaknesses, and help strengthen each other.

When Jesus asks people to follow Him, many people have lots of excuses why they cannot do it. They say they want to follow, but their integrity is lacking. They look like they mean it, but their heart isn’t pure.

Give your “testimony” and mean it. Testimony comes from the word test. Teste has something to do with male anatomy. Do the testicles tell the truth? There’s an old wives tale that says they used to tie rope around male testes, and the tighter the pressure on the stones, the more truth got spoken. When pressure is applied, the truth about your character comes out.

In the old days, when a man swore on the Bible in the courtrooms of America, they believed God would strike them if they didn’t tell the truth. There was a time in our history when US Presidents weren’t thought of as “just politicians.”

The fellowship we have together in the Salt and Light Brigade, is “iron sharpening iron.”

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