Sinning is the easiest thing you can do. There ain’t nothing special about it. God haters have no power and should have no power over you. They sin, and all they do is attempt to justify their sin. Albeit Homo sex, Transgender, Alcoholism, anything, they justify the easy path. Wide is the way and narrow is the gate. Wide is the path to Hell, but those who live the narrow lifestyle enter God’s kingdom.

The Nephilim are real. In Genesis, it is very clear that giants roamed the earth. Who were these giants? The sons of God. They took for themselves wives of the humans, and conceived children. These children are Nephilim. They cannot die. Their physical body may be killed, but their spirit then becomes what we would call, “Demons”. Everything is connected folks.

The DNA has been corrupted. The reason God destroyed the world in Noah’s day was because the DNA had been destroyed. It was corrupt from everything that the fallen angels had done with the humans, so God realized it all had to be wiped out. Noah was the only person left who had pure DNA and was spared to start over.

Think about the Bible, think about what you read. There is more to this story than what we are told in Church or by the culture. There is more to this story of, “Life” pay attention and learn about what is going on.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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