Never Backs Down | Coach Dave Live | 12.6.2019

Coach called on the audience to expect Churches to stop being part of the perishing system of the world.  He asked his viewers to not choose the perishing world system for themselves.

“When you are about your Father’s business, your Father will be about your business.” Said Coach.

He is going to Helena Montana to help a Christian family who is at war with a sodomite loving Child Protective Services worker.  He took their children from them.  Coach’s grandchild went into the hospital last night.  He is torn about being away at this time.

An internet commentator wrote of Coach, “There is only one Coach Dave, and he is just as relentless as ever.  Could you imagine what this country would look like if we could clone Coach Dave and have those clones replace every single member of Congress?  He speaks the truth with great boldness, and he never backs down.”

Coach showed an image of Mayor Pete Buttplug kissing a man and said, “I would not vote for Mayor Pete just because he is a sodomite.”  He continued, “I don’t hate homosexuals.  I hate homosexuality.”

Coach promised, “There’s going to be a line of those crying and line for those peeing at my funeral.”

The overton window makes the unthinkable thinkable.  Coach talked about how this tactic was used to destroy society.

“There’s an overton window in the church.” Said Coach.

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