New Kind of Leader | Coach Dave Live | 8.15.19
You’ll get power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you shall be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, and the uttermost parts of the earth. Start in your hometown, then your state, then your country, then the world.
Most of us are afraid of the Name of Jesus, in our circle, so we want to go to some third world country, where we don’t know anyone, and no one knows us. And we can leave, never seeing those people we meet, again. Discipleship is messy. It’s not as easy as just going on a two-week mission trip.
Today’s show includes Mario Murillo’s blog. Murillo says that there’s a new kind of leadership coming – one that calls us to a deeper commitment. There may be persecution, but it doesn’t mean that there will be no Bible teaching.
Some teachers will be in pulpits, others in politics, the arts, and more… They will operate on a different plane of holiness. They serve on a higher plane of truth. Today, these new leaders suffer. They see their destiny. It’s big and dangerous.
Stay tuned, and Pass the Salt!
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