Next | Coach Dave Live | 1-31-2020

Coach returned from Maine last night.  He spent three days up there.  The outreach featured a visit to the office of Senator Susan Collins.  “You have to speak up.  Keep the word next in mind.” Said Coach.  “Just keep moving as you speak.  If the person you’re talking to isn’t with you then think ‘next’ and move on to the next person.”

The Huddle went over upcoming events.  See the link below.  There’s a website that tallies the number of abortions.  See the link below.

Eleven Christian men went and visited the office of Senator Susan Collins yesterday.  She’s been in the Senate for thirty-six years.  The Huddle watched a video of the visit.  The men presented a question, and some opinions.  Jack McCarthy led the way, and the other men offered their views.  They all made it out alive.

Politicians are our employees.  We must never forget it.  The Huddle examined Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

Mike Heath and Robert Klous shared articles that are linked below.

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