Going on a disaster relief is like going on a vacation, and spending all the time focusing on others. Church camp for adults. We’ve got a Bobcat Skid Steer. We’ve helped 16 families, spending 120 man hours per day. We invested $5000 into these homes. Insurance didn’t pay for it. We did $80,000 invested in this community. This is what boots on the ground is. Men’s lives are changed, too.

Salt & Light Brigade Texas Assembly happening in Moody, TX January 11-13, 2018.

Colossians 2 Review. God, in whom are hid all the mysteries of wisdom and knowledge vs beguiling spirits who spoil you, and infiltrate through philosophy, man’s ways of doing things. Vain deceit can be after the traditions of men in the world, and not after Christ. In many ways, the Church is using rudiments of man in its traditions and activities.

The Boy Scouts are a perfect example of a group that has become more accepting, open, toward man’s evil ways. And now they are on their way to bankruptcy. Evil liberalism always destroys. David Arthur says the goal of that homosexual movement is to entice, and devour our children. How did this happen to the Boy Scouts? They are now okay with pedophiles preying on their children. Let’s be truthful. The God-haters are ruining good organizations, and we take it without a fight.

We are always on defense, instead of offense. Instead of building a strong society, we have come to simply react to the bad stuff. And that reaction is even weak. The windshield is a lot bigger than a rear view mirror. Yet, we’re always looking in the rear view, and wondering what to do about it. The windshield moves us forward. What are we doing to do that is pro-actively looking forward? Are we just Christianizing evil holidays like Halloween? Where is the real truth?

We are at war. The Boy Scouts was a strong vehicle for the development of real men. Now, it’s gone. It’s been destroyed. Where is the Church saying, “No!” to this stuff.

The apostles did not look back on the “good old days.” We need to quit looking back on the “good old days” and decide what Jesus wants it to be. We need to counter-attack, re-colonizing communities, the government and the churches. The Bible says where there is no vision, the people perish. Vision is different than sight. Vision is the ability to see what is not visible.

We need to stop looking in the rear view, but look forward to what Jesus sees. Solution: Men of God led by the Spirit of God, engaging in the plans of God with the principles of God. Our individual mandate is for each of us to walk in the Holy Spirit, where He leads us. Full of love and power and a sound mind.

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