How come the enemy is always on offense? What Christian organizations do you know that are on offense? That’s right, none. We have failed to hold the line against sin. The enemy is on offense, so they don’t even need to worry about us. They keep pushing the line further and further, and we keep moving back with the line. It’s is a failed method, and it needs to change. We need to go on offense.

Paula White has been married three times. Twice while she was, “Saved”. There is something wrong when a, “Pastor” is on their third marriage. How are these, “Pastors” leading the Christian community? How is Paula White the Christian chosen to stand behind Trump while he’s signing a religious freedom act?

The Church we have been sold is a lie. The leadership is just as involved in the world as everyone else. They are just as, or more, materialistic than non-Christians. Wake up and realize what is going on.

Remember, Pass the Salt.

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