Noahide laws sound moral. There is a movement in America to make these legal.

Trump promotes the sovereignty of each nation; taking pride in their own nations.

Our US Constitution was birthed from the heart of men who sat under the preaching of Christian pastors. The Declaration of Independence came from the Christian worldview, also. It will be powerful IF we abide by our US Constitution and adhere to the principles of the Declaration of Independence.

Do God’s chosen people, the Jews, follow Christ? No.

Can you be one of God’s people and deny His Sonship? No.

What do Jews live by? Jews live by the Talmud.

What did Jesus accuse the Jewish leaders of? Straining at gnats, leading the people astray, teaching doctrines of men, and making the word of God of none effect.

The Jewish people are not studying the Old Testament, but the traditions of men. American Jews are not for the advancement of Christian values.

Do they want the Noahide laws to become the law of the land in America, so they can then insert rules of the Talmud for all to follow?

Is the Christian Church is so weak in America, that it will start following the Jewish lead?

Pass the Salt!

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