The future is so much deeper than we know. Just yesterday we learned about AI, and how that ties into the prophecy of the end times. We are seeing that that future is so much more than we know. The Bible is even more realistic than we thought.

The God-Haters have destroyed the Christian will. We have no will to act at all. The Church is a wet noodle of Christianity that is neutered and unable to act. THE CHURCH MUST WAKE UP TO IT’S APATHY and start occupying until Christ’s return. The game isn’t over, so get off the bench and get into it.

There is nothing new under the sun. Listen folks, Christianity is so much deeper than you have been taught. If everything has been done before, then what does that mean? Have we made the AI mistake before? Is the giant God-cycle simply being repeated?

God is in control, and He knows so much more than we could possibly even imagine. Get in the game, be a part of the Kingdom.

And never forget to Pass the Salt!

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