3:10 – John 1:1-14  Silver Joe reads the scripture.  Let the Spirit of God speak to your heart.  God’s Bible is penetrating.  Let the Word of God speak to you.  Coach challenges Right Wing Watch to open their minds and spirits to God’s truth.  He compares the inability of the unregenerate to hear God to a computer not having functioning software. The Bible is very presence and essence of God.  How can you be born again and sit in a dead church?

15:30 – Coach ran into a guy in Krogers he’d known for nearly 60 years.  He’s a member of one of the established churches in town.  He commented on how the interim pastor is teaching stuff right out of the Bible.  This surprised and pleased him.  Coach warns people to flee from dead churches.  He encourages people to start a home church.  The soul of your children are at stake.   Run for your life from the dead church you are attending.  Be the church.  The empty, dead buildings are not churches.

21:00 – Jesus is the Word.  What we say matters.  Dead churches are Satanic social club.

25:00 —If Jesus were to walk into our churches today what do you think he would say about the fact that there is no gospel witness outside of that church.  How is Jesus going to say “Well done” if we aren’t doing anything.  Works matter, even though they are not necessary for salvation.  Your works are evidence of your salvation.

28:00 – Hebrews 11:1 and on.  They did something.  The took action.  We can and should do works that bring us into the Kingdom of God.  We have to give God control.  Give your whole life over to the control of Jesus.

31:00 – Object lesson using a broken microphone.  Coach holds up a microphone that he has in the studio.  It doesn’t work.  It looks like a microphone.  But it doesn’t do what a microphone does.  It doesn’t have the power of a microphone.  We need to act.  The Bible if full of action.

34:00 – Joe asks if Christians should confront the dead churches.  Coach points out that it’s been tried.  He brings JR into it.  JR discusses a recent witness in front of a megachurch that resulted in being taken to court.  JR indicates that some have left the church.  Coach counsels people to continue at the dead church but don’t expect to get spiritual nourishment there.

37:40 – OfficeMax incident in Wisconsin.  OfficeMax would not print a flier advertising Americans for Truth about Homosexuality presentation.  Rob pushed it up the management line.  They absolutely refused to print the flier.  Christianity is being criminalized and Christians don’t get it.  Coach could tell that from the comments made by callers.

42:20 – Coach announces a boycott of OfficeMax.  We must fight.  Officemax did this before on a prolife flyer.  Do we just love ’em?  No, we must earnestly contend for the faith.  We’re not supposed to just roll over to evil.  Call 1-800-GO DEPOT.  Coach asks everyone to call corporate and your local OfficeMax.  We must stand up against injustice.  We must reject the idea that there should be two sets of rules … one for Christians and one for everyone else.

46:00 – Discussion with the queue about the boycott.

50:00 – Coach talks about anti-discrimination laws.  OfficeMax has broken the law by discriminating against religion in this case.  That is illegal.

51:00 – All the cake baking incidents etc. Are state based actions.  They aren’t federal.  The Wisconsin anti-discrimination law is written specifically for sodomites … but it still applies to religious folk.

52:20 – Coaching on what to say when you make the call to OfficeMax.

53:30 – Full page NYTimes ad placed by George Soros.  It calls for the removal of Donald Trump and the beginning of street protests on November 4th.  Declaration of war.  This is a real attack on America.

55:00 – Announcement of an EMP drill at the same time that Soros is calling on the Left to make war on Donald Trump.  The Department of Defense is doing a drill that may interrupt communications.  Just a coincidence?

57:00 – Ham radio network is involved in the testing.

Show concludes with discussion about what’s going on.  Don’t be ignorant of his devices.  Be prepared.  Might want to get some food and water.

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