We are living in dangerous times. Nobody is in more danger than Donald Trump. He is exposing, through his example and efforts, the, “Deep State”. This is the, “Big Brother” written about in 1984 by George Orwell. They monitor and surveil everything simply for the sake of power.

Wikileaks recently released what is called, “Vault 7”. It has thousands of documents on the CIA and what they are doing. They monitor your phones, they watch you through your TV, and they are listening and recording EVERYTHING going on in America. If you thought it was tinfoil hat, you’d be wrong. This is straight out of their own archives and records.

Even deeper down the rabbit hole, our children have bought into, “Moral relativism” like never before. There is no truth other than the truth we make for ourselves. Truth is fabricated in the mind through emotions. Talk about Orwellian. When this happens, people can look straight at scientific fact and at the same time DENY that fact for something they, “Feel”. It. Is. Insanity.

There will be a remnant. This remnant rebels against the idea of moral relativism. This remnant remains true to God’s Word and his truth. It remains true to the laws of nature and God’s laws. This remnant is made up of people like you, who are recognizing the evil at the heart of the Chaos around you. It is evil.

Pass the Salt.